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We Build Minimum Viable Products for Prefunded Startups

If you’re looking to get a product out there to attract investors, we are a one stop shop for your development needs. We handle everything from road mapping and wireframing, to your product launch.

Our Services

We’re a small, agile, customer focused team. We aim to find out how your customers think so we can solve their problems and make them fans of your product. Below are our services but it is also how our process works and a good description of what it will be like to work with us.


From our experience, we’ve seen that our most successful projects were the best mapped out.
Expectations and goals from both the point of view of your customers and of you need to be carefully considered before you start building features.

We offer a road mapping product with deliverables you can either have us start developing on or bring them to your favorite development shop.


We use well known technologies so that when we finally part ways, you won’t have to pull your hair out finding a new developer.

Our code is very high quality so after we hand over the product, further feature addition can be done with ease.
We’ve been doing remote development projects for a long time and the thing it has taught us the most is that communication is king.
We ensure that you always know what is going on throughout the development process without bogging you down with tons of work.

You’re busy and want control but you don’t need to manage every detail.


We don’t just code, we can help with traction channels, content marketing, marketing automation and a host of other services.

You start with an idea and when we’re done, you will be serving customers and attracting more by the hour.


We make support after the project dead easy with simple support retainer packages. You pick one, and if anything happens (things always happen), we will be there to fix the problem and get your customers back using your product.

Are We Available Right Now?

We are available for new clients.

Last Updated On April 10th, 2020


We’ve built a range of products, from native mobile apps to freelancing platforms and social networks. Here are a few of the more recent ones.

LightPro is a freelancing platform for lighting architects.

It uses Stripe Connect to power the marketplace where clients can create projects, add assets like images and documents and accept bids from lighting architects.

Payments are handled automatically behind the scenes when a project is marked complete. There are also different kinds of notifications and integrations (Slack notifications) client to freelancer communication and many more features.

POS Music is a streaming music solution for businesses. They get brand related playlists streamed in their locations without the hassle of dealing with copyright related nastiness.

We built the native mobile app (Swift on iOS) and a lot of the infrastructure including a handful of micro services and integrations with 3rd party providers like Spotify.
Decorissimo is a place for people to show off their interiors. You can add pictures and tag furniture and appliances.

We added features and helped clean up the Ruby on Rails and JavaScript heavy codebase.
Mindster is a social network for artists and musicians. The members can upload different media, video, audio and images and share them with the community.

We added some large features and fixed bugs and also cleaned up the codebase quite a bit.

The Team

Here we are.

Aaron can build you the next Facebook during his lunch break. He specializes in chatbots, Ruby/Rails, Elixir, JavaScript and native mobile apps (iOS and Android).

Helene can build you a website and a crowd behind your brand in the time it takes to say “Social Media Expert”
We’d love to help you on your next project!

Aaron Cruz


Helene Pattermann


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